Teeth Whitening in Euless, TX

A dull smile can dim the light of your confidence. Luckily, you can lift the shade of your smile quickly and safely here in our office! Get the vibrant smile of your dreams with professional teeth whitening at Family Dentistry of Euless. Call today to schedule your appointment.


What is the best way to whiten teeth?

While there are several ways to whiten teeth, the best and safest way is in-office with your dentist. Over-the-counter options can work but can cause damage and sensitivity when incorrectly used. They also take weeks or months to work. In our office, you can have your teeth whitened in as little as an hour with little to no sensitivity.

How long does professional teeth whitening last?

Most patients can expect their new smile to last around a year. Proper at-home dental care and routine visits with your dentist can help keep your smile bright for even longer. If you want to get the most longevity out of your whitening, consider any lifestyle adaptations that could lead to staining in the first place. Smoking, red wine, and other dark or acidic foods and drinks can all impact how long your whitening treatment lasts.

Is teeth whitening safe for sensitive teeth?

Absolutely! Thanks to formulaic breakthroughs in whitening treatments, it’s possible to have your teeth whitened even if you have sensitive teeth. If you’re interested in fixing stained teeth, the most important step is talking with your dentist and discovering the source of your sensitivity. Your dentist can then review the best whitening options for your unique smile needs!